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Dec. 28th: More AZ Loops + Updated Workshop Schedule!

Last week we highlighted several of our Southwest Loops, this week, we will cover a few more!

Arizona Route:

Here are 3 more of or Arizona Loops:

Grand Canyon North Rim Tour: This tour (pictured above) is a little unique in that riders have the option to approach the Grand Canyon North Rim from 2 different locations: Fredonia, AZ or Page, AZ. Since a ride from Fredonia to the North Rim and then on to Page would be a very long day, we decided to break this into 2 separate rides. As an added bonus, we have added another short ride from Page to Lee's Ferry.

Click Here for more information about the Grand Canyon North Rim Tour!


Grand Canyon South Rim Loop: This loop begins and ends in Flagstaff and visits the Grand Canyon's South Rim.

After leaving the Grand Canyon, this route turns South and riders can experience the wide open country and endless sky of the American Southwest. The ride back to Flagstaff is interrupted by a scenic side trip through the Painted Desert where its possible to explore several Native American dwelling. Some of the date back over 900 years!. It's also possible to hike into the cone of an extinct volcano at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.

Click Here for more information about the Grand Canyon South Rim Loop!