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Dec 1st Update: New Route Preview and New Website Launch Update!!

New Route Preview: Bighorn Mountains North Route!

Last week we talked about our 2 day route from Missoula to Moscow and back to Missoula again. This week we want to share some details about another one of our new routes: The Bighorn Mountains North Route.

The Bighorn Mountains North Route is located (as you can guess) in the Northern Bighorn Mountain region.

This route starts in Greybull, WY and goes through the Bighorn Mountains to Dayton and Lovell before returning to Greybull. While there are a lot of things to see and do along the way, the main attraction of this route is the ride!

This route is all paved, but if you don't mind a little gravel, you can take a side trip out to see some amazing dinosaur fossils. You can also see a beautiful waterfall, hike to a huge Native American Medicine Wheel, and take in the incredible views at the Devil's Canyon Overlook. If you are an aviation buff, there is an Aerial Firefighting Museum in Greybull.

As the name suggests, there is a companion route to this one called the Bighorn Mountains South Route. More to come on that route in the future.

New Website Launch Update.

We are getting ever closer to launching our new website. We are pretty excited about it and we hope everyone likes it. The main reason for the new website was that we had to find a better way to organize all of the the new routes we have created. We also realized that most of our traffic is through mobile devices so we wanted to create a better experience for mobile users. Finally, we wanted to create a new look to go along with our new brand: Driftless Roads USA.

When we launch the new website, we will have added 30 new routes ranging from 1/2 day to 6 day rides. While most of our routes are in the Midwest, we will have routes ready in several other areas of the country as well.

We are down to 12 items left on our punch list, so we are getting really close to launch. One item to note: Since this is a new website, if you have subscribed to our current website, you will need to re-subscribe to the new one (Sorry). We will send everyone a note when the new site is launched so they can subscribe to the new site.

As always, we thank you for your support.

Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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