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Dec. 15th: WI Rustic Roads, New Members Area + Workshop Schedule!!

We now have 3 routes that will help you earn your Wisconsin Rustic Road Patch!

As you probably know, the state of Wisconsin has a program to promote riding on certain "Rustic Roads". By riding on at least 10 Rustic Roads, motorcycle riders can earn a patch and a certificate.

In order to make it easier for you to earn a Rustic Road patch, we have created 3 different routes in different parts of the state.

Our 3 Rustic Road loops are close to Chicago (SE Wisconsin RR Loop), Milwaukee (Watertown RR Loop) and Minneapolis (NW Wisconsin RR Loop).

These rides are designed to direct you to 10 or more Rustic Roads in a single ride. So if you are interested in getting a Rustic Road patch and want some help check out the Rustic Road Loop that is close to you!

Even if you aren't interested in getting a patch, these roads are usually very scenic and fun to ride, so be sure to check out one of these routes.

Here are some of the Rustic Roads that we have visited over the years: