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Aug. 3rd: Pecatonica (WI) Route and July Driftless Challenge Winner!!

Last week we highlighted our route that is closest to the Twin Cities, this week we are highlighting our route that is the closest to Chicago: The Pecatonica Route!

The Pecatonica Route is named for the Pecatonica River which is a major feature along this route. It meanders through southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois before it joins the Rock River near Rockton, IL.

Even though this route is not located along the Mississippi River, the hills and valleys in this part of the state still provide plenty of interesting and fun roads. If you look at the map above you can see that the entire area is covered in hills. These hills and the valleys in between provide many miles of amazing roads.

This part of Wisconsin was home to an early settlement of Cornish miners in Mineral Point and an early Swiss settlement in New Glarus. Between these two historic sites is the beautiful Yellowstone State Park. In addition to these great stops, this route is also home to Blackhawk Memorial Park, the Toy Train Barn Museum, and Nick Englebert’s Grandview. Finally, this route is home to Wisconsin Rustic Roads #81 and #94.

For more information about the Pecatonica Route, Click Here!

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Driftless Fun Fact:

Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point is so named because at meal time, the shaking of rags by the womenfolk would call the miners working on the opposite hillside home. Shake Rag Alley is close to the Pecatonica Route!

July Driftless Challenge Winner!!

The winner of the July Driftless Challenge is Mike E!! Congratulations Mike.

Here are some of the July Challenge entries:

The August Driftless Challenge is now open!

Click Here for more information about how to enter the Driftless Challenge!

We are heading back to the Driftless Area again this weekend for some music and more riding. We hope to see you there!

Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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