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Aug 18: The Snake US421 (TN) Loop, Iowa Driftless Rides, Challenge Update!

As a reminder that we have routes all over the US, this week we wanted to highlight one of our routes in Tennessee; The Snake US421 Loop.

The Snake US421 Loop is located in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Starting near Bristol, TN, this loop travels many amazing roads including US421, the Snake.

In addition to many elevation changes and S-curves, the route also includes several hairpins and switchbacks, so keep an eye on your speed as you are coming into the curves.

Click Here for more information about The Snake US421 Loop!

Iowa Driftless Rides:

Earlier this week Renee and I were testing out some new routes in the Iowa Driftless area. We hope to have these routes available soon. Here are a few pictures from our amazing rides:

Be sure to subscribe so you can get access to these routes as soon as they are available!

Driftless Challenge!

We are over 1/2 way through the August Driftless Challenge with some great entries. But there is still time for you to enter.

Here are just a few of the entries from this month:

Click Here for more information about how to enter this free contest!


Safe Travels,

Dale and Renee!

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