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Aug 10: 4 New Riding Loops, Ride Pics and MORE!

We have had a busy summer but Dale has still managed to find the time to create some new riding loops. 2 in Colorado, 1 in Missouri and 1 in West Virginia!

2 New Colorado Routes:

The first new Colorado route is called the Gunnison South Loop.

This loop starts in Gunnison and explores the canyons South of the Gunnison River. Part of this loop makes up the North end of the Silver Thread Scenic Byway, but the entire route provides terrific scenery and roads.

Between Seguache and Del Norte, the path crosses through a stretch of farmland, so depending on when you ride, you might see some crops growing. While it is not a part of this loop, this stretch of the ride takes you near Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Click Here to find out more about the Gunnison South Loop!


The 2nd new Colorado Loop is called the Salida Frisco Loop!

Starting in Salida, this loop heads Northwest in the Arkansas River valley before eventually turning towards Leadville and then passing by Copper Mountain and on to Frisco.

Past Frisco, this loop heads back South through Breckenridge and over Hoosier Pass. The terrain levels out and turns to farmland before becoming mountainous again. At the Southern end of this loop, the path follows the curves of the Arkansas river for the return trip to Salida.

Click Here to learn more about the Salida Frisco Loop!


New Missouri Route: Freeburg New Haven, MO Loop

We are headed back to the Ozarks in a few weeks and while we have a lot of routes, Dale decided that there were still some great roads that we haven't covered yet, so he created the Freeburg New Haven, MO Loop.

Starting in Freeburg, this loop twists and curves its way through the farmlands and rolling hills of the Northern Ozarks. After Freeburg, this loop travels North to Gasconade, Hermann and finally New Haven before winding its way South to Bourbon.

From Bourbon the path zig zags through more hills, forests and fields as it makes its way back to the starting point in Freeburg.

Click Here to learn more about the Freeburg New Haven MO Loop!


New West Virginia Route: Head of the Dragon Loop!

We have decided that the next area where we will be adding loops will be in the Appalachia area, specifically Western Virginia and West Virginia. This area is among the poorest in our country and we want to try to give them a bit of a boost be inviting people to ride on their amazing roads and patronize their local businesses.

The Head of the Dragon Loop is a stunning ride located in Southern West Virginia.

The Head of the Dragon Loop supplies a constant stream of curves and switchbacks along the entire route. This part of the country is extremely mountainous so the roads and streams are constantly zigging and zagging back and forth between the different hills and peaks.

Click Here if you would like more information about the Head of the Dragon Loop!


Last week was a busy week with 3 days of riding and an all day music festival. Dale got to take a short ride with his dad on Wednesday (Pictured above) as well as bigger rides in the heat on both Thursday and Friday.

We wanted to thank Pete E. who rode with Dale on Thursday, and Mike E. and Paul C. who rode with Dale on Friday.

Driftless Challenge Update:

July is in the books and we are actively taking entries for the August 2023 Driftless Challenge.

Here are the winners so far this year:

Will you be the August Winner? There is only 1 way to win!!

Click Here for more information about how to enter and win the Driftless Challenge!


Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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