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April 29th Update: 4 Days - 4 Ozark Routes!

Renee and I started the riding season in a big way with a trip to the Ozarks!

We have been planning this trip while the snow was still on the ground and we were very fortunate that the weather cooperated.

Our first 3 days were spent camped at Table Rock State Park, Missouri and riding 2 routes near Branson (Branson West Loop and Branson Peel Ferry Loop).

The terrain and roads on these 2 routes were slightly different, but equally as entertaining. The Branson West Loop is a constant string of hills, valleys, tight curves and includes a visit to Eureka Springs. The Branson Peel Ferry Loop includes more open, flowing roads, a ferry crossing, and a ride on one of our top 10 roads, Missouri 125.

After 2 great days of riding near Branson we moved to a new campground near Harrison, AR called Shady Oaks Campground. This campground is a great, family owned business with RV sites, cabins and a tent area. Everyone is very friendly and the facilities are top notch! The bonus for us is that 2 of our routes, the Harrison West Loop and the Harrison Witts Springs Loop both run within a mile of the campground. These are the 2 Arkansas Ozarks routes we rode this week.

The Harrison West Loop is shaped like a big hourglass with the narrow portion located in the town of Jasper, AR. This route is amazing from start to finish. It can be challenging in places with extremely tight corners and a steep sharp set of switchbacks. Jasper is a neat town and a meeting point for bikers. If you ride through Jasper, be sure to visit the Ozark Cafe! It's a family owned business that has been in operation for over 100 years! The cobbler was amazing!!

The Harrison Witts Springs Loop is a less technical route, but just as fun. The curves are not as tight (not all anyway), but can still be challenging. This route also spends a lot of time running along the hills and ridges, so the panorama views are amazing.