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April 1st Update: Route Milestone & Driftless Challenge Update!!

Renee and I are very excited that we reached a milestone last month: We have created 100 routes all across the United States. Here is where they are located:

We have created:

~50 Routes in the Driftless Area and the Midwest:

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois

~25 Routes in the Ozarks

Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma

~15 Routes in the Southwest

Arizona, New Mexico, Utah

~15 Routes in the Mountains

Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho

~10 Routes in the Plains

South Dakota (Sturgis)

Also Routes in:

Smokey Mountains

Pacific Northwest

Great River Road

We have actually created over 100 routes and we are adding new routes all the time, so keep checking back for the latest information.

Driftless Challenge Update:

Today, April 1st, marks the start of the Driftless Challenge 2.0! Check out the list of Challenge Locations on our website, send us a picture of your bike at any of the locations and you are automatically entered into a drawing that month.

Here is a list of the previous winners:

2022 Plans Firming Up!

Renee and I are excited to start firming up our plans for this year. We are going to be re-visiting some old places and visiting a lot of new places too! We are going back to Galena, the Black Hills, and the Ozarks. We are also planning a trip to Colorado and Arizona.

We would love to hear about your riding plans for this summer. Maybe our paths will cross?

Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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